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Collection: Nadadelazos

Born in 2010, Nadadelazos make real clothes for real children. Comfortable clothes that move freely and allow children to have fun and be themselves. Their distinctive designs are unisex and the colour palette means their pieces can be integrated easily into any kids wardrobe.                   
Nadadelazos is committed to creating a better world for our children to inherit by using eco-friendly organic cotton and recyclable packaging. 
In essence, their clothes are made to last, the designs are unisex and transitional allowing you to love them and pass them on. 

Their clothes definitely have a Spanish vibe to them. Designed in Spain, their clothes will evoke memories of the sun, sand and sea. Their effortless designs are flattering and designed with kids in mind. 

Every detail on their clothes has been thought through, from the adjustable straps on their dungarees to the little loops on some of their pieces enabling children to attach their favourite possessions too to keep them safe. 
The motifs and prints are all inspired by children, their drawings, their humour, their individuality and their language. Nadadelazos is truly a breathtaking brand that really cares about children’s comfort and the world in which they the clothes are extremely lovely to look at!



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