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Dear Jude came about when I was pregnant with my first child. We didn't want to know the baby’s gender but I still wanted to build up a small wardrobe of cool, fun and comfortable clothes. I wanted to buy good quality, sustainable pieces that could easily be paired with other items. Many of the high street stores just weren't ticking the boxes, especially on the environmental front, so I found myself looking more into sustainable children's fashion and finally started to see the kind of clothes I had been looking for. I became obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with kids clothes. It brought me so much joy and I started to think more about setting up a website that showcased a curated selection of clothes from children's designers that were ethical in their practice and used organic fabrics. Fast forward 4 years, with another baby in the mix, and Dear Jude has finally become a reality.

My 2 children, Jude and India (who calls herself Dear) have been my inspiration throughout. I want to make the world a better place for them and I know I can't change a lot of things but I can do my bit, however small. I want them to grow up knowing sustainability is important and people who work in the manufacturing industry work in good conditions and are paid fairly. That's why I have chosen the brands I have. Not only are their clothes fun, comfortable, unisex and seasonless but they share the same views on manufacturing and materials.

So let's slow fashion down, buy something you love and enjoy seeing your child wearing it. Let them get muddy and splash in puddles. Watch them have fun. Essentially let's let kids be kids right? If you buy something of good quality, it will stand the test of time. Then, when it finally doesn't fit anymore, pass it on to someone else and let them love it as much as you and your child did.