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Brand of the Month - Pippins Denim

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to a few of the brands that will be stocked at Dear Jude and what better way to start than with Pippins Denim. Having lived in Sheffield for most of my life I champion local, independent designers and Pippins came on my radar after the birth of my first kid.

Based in Sheffield and originally using recycled denim they started to make cool jeans for kids that were fashionable yet comfortable. I have never been a fan of skinny jeans for children, it takes ages to get them on and they don't move well with the child. I remember meeting a friend at the park and seeing her little girl rocking these super cute Mom jeans and instantly asked where they were from and they were Pippins of course! So I bought my first pair and I was in love.

Fast forward a few years and Pippins has gone from strength to strength, they have a loyal customer base that stretches the globe and can be found in many independent boutiques. With their popularity increasing, using recycled denim wasn't an option anymore, but with a strong ethos on sustainability they wanted to make sure their new materials and manufacturing process still reflected their values. Their denim is now hand woven in Italy using 100% Organic cotton in one of the most sustainable and prestigious denim mills in the world before being handmade in the UK. 

The jeans are well made, comfortable and easy to put on thanks to the elasticated waist! They are a staple in both my kids wardrobes and honestly, they get better with each wash and wear. They seem to last forever as the turn up allows you to roll them up or roll them down. But, you know what? They just look effortlessly cool! I see my kids running around the park in their jeans, teamed with an oversize knit or t-shirt and I'm actually a bit jealous that they look cooler than me...... not that it takes much these days. Seriously though, if they were to launch an adult range I'll be first on the waiting list!